Oozing With Incivility

Oct 16, 2019

To the Editor:

Just when everyone thought everything relating to “civility” in America, or the lack thereof, had already been said and printed, along comes another very viscerally negative Commentary (“A Deep Need for a ‘Deep State’ (10/9), just oozing with incivility and extremely misleading statements.

America guarantees us the right of free speech and expression and everyone is entitled to express their thoughts and ideas. However, it’s another matter entirely to perpetuate gross inaccuracies, misleading facts, and perhaps some pre-election indiscretions that should have long passed from memory.

Mr. Bonvie questions the existence of a “deep state” and suggests it may be a contrivance of the Trump administration. It has come to be recognized as a “shadow government” that operates behind the scenes.

Events involving the highly questionable activities of federal government employees and other Obama-era allies reveal a “deep state” probably still does exist with plans to sabotage the previous election and, if necessary, overthrow the Trump administration, thus nullifying our legally elected president. The thought that they are, as Mr. Bonvie believes, imbued with “rock-solid” American values is beyond ludicrous. Who voted them into office? Who gave them the authority to decide who should hold the highest elected office in the land?

Mr. Bonvie makes a point of mentioning the Trump “anti-immigrant policies.” In fact, Trump’s policies are only intended to involve illegal immigrants. The Hill of June 21 compares Trump’s illegal immigrant deportations with those of Obama. On average, the Obama administration deported more than 385,000 per year from 2009 to 2011. For his activities in this regard, President Obama became known as the “Deporter in Chief.” In comparison, for 2017, 2018, 2019 (as of June), deportations by the Trump administration totaled 226,000, 250,000 and 282,000, respectively.

Mr. Imperiale (“For Labor Day Let’s Celebrate the ‘Call for Acts of Civility,’” 8/28) and Ms. Bonamo (“Voice of Reason,” 9/25) call for more “civility,” no doubt in response to an ever-widening gulf between opposing viewpoints and between ideologies and the seemingly never-ending barrage of negative comments. Some, like Mr. Bonvie who obviously hates Trump, are quick to use words such as nefarious, treasonous, defrauder, swindler, stiffed, conned, money launderer, crooked, sexual misconduct, unlawful, demagogue, despot and opportunist when referring to our president. Where is the “civility”?

The point is that President Trump was not, and is not, an unknown phenomenon. Does anyone really doubt any one of the numerous Trump-hating Democrat lawyer/politicians in office would refrain from “holding his feet to the fire” had they discovered he was guilty of even the most insignificant crime?

Despite his past failings, poor decisions, manners of speech and orange hair, he won the election and still retains the support of a vast majority of conservatives who supported him in the past, the thanks from the millions whose lives he’s improved as a result of his many executive actions and the admiration from those who have benefited from the historic growth of our economy as a result of his oversight.

Mr. Bonvie claims Trump “managed to ‘con’ his way into the presidency by virtue of a minority vote” – if anyone can seriously conceive of 63 million voters as being “minor.” The facts are that he won the election “fair and square” by virtue of the fact that there is “something” in our system of government called an Electoral College, which gives all the states equal representation and is unquestionably a more equitable way of deciding who will be our president, as opposed to the raw, high-density, population tallies of a few coastal states.

Our established co-equal branches of government and periodic elections provide the means by which the general public can and must exercise control. Putting the most recent “hair on fire” whistleblower hearsay letter on the back burner for the present, realize Donald Trump is still our president and until the results of the next election in 2020 are tabulated, why not show a little class and adopt a more civil attitude?

S. Fox

Little Egg Harbor


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