Not-OK Corral Plan

Jun 12, 2019

To the Editor:

Let me begin this diatribe by admitting that we inherited a lovely white trash can corral when we bought our current home. That in no way prevents me from writing about the indignity and fiscal irresponsibility of making Beach Haven residents remove their corrals from their hitching posts near the street.

I will be the first to applaud the new wheeled and lidded containers. I spent years picking up my neighbors’ trash. They had mountains of trash piled into cans with no lids that became a smorgasbord for cawing crows and greedy gulls. If I hadn’t been so ticked off at the aerial displays (the birds) and the negligence (my neighbors), I would have certainly enjoyed the spectacle.

Those corrals are expensive! Why is the town of Beach Haven insisting that they be removed, repurposed or taken apart? Why can’t residents be allowed to adapt their corrals to house the new trash cans? The new rule (who decided on this rule anyway – not the taxpaying residents) disregards the fact that residents paid a lot of money for each corral.

I understand the desire to create a Beach Haven that seemingly has no trash cans. What a utopia that would be! I applaud the new trash bins because they really will keep the varmints at bay. But allow us to repurpose our corrals and keep them curbside, or there might really be a shoot-out at the old corral one day soon. And if there is, don’t be surprised if the Beach Haven powers-that-be turn it into a yearly event!

Marsia Mason

Beach Haven


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