Not Amused

Feb 20, 2019

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to Bill Boyd’s letter about the three handicap parking spaces proposed in Bayview Park that he says he was amused by.

How dare he fight against parking for the handicapped? Obviously he has not given fighting against the handicapped much thought because he said he was amused about the situation and thought it was funny.

The people who support the handicapped or are partially disabled or handicapped themselves are not amused.

I hope he or anyone else will never have to face life handicapped, with all of the many severe challenges. Unfortunately, when I played college basketball, I had a few injuries that put me on crutches. So I have experienced first hand the hassles of being partially disabled, thankfully only for a short time. Granted, everything is much worse for a long-term severely handicapped person on crutches or in a wheelchair.

It is just ridiculous that I need to explain to Mr. Boyd why it’s necessary the handicapped parking places are close to the boardwalk. Go anywhere and see how close the handicap parking spaces are at The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, B.J.’s and everywhere else. This is for a reason: It’s really hard for the handicapped to go places and try to live a quality life.  

If the demand turns out for more than three handicap spaces close to the boardwalk out of the seven proposed parking spaces, other spaces can easily be changed to handicap parking spaces, rather than build a whole new project.

Bill Hutson, president

LBI Joint Council of Taxpayer Associations


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