No-Sanctuary Support

Apr 10, 2019

To the Editor:

In response to “Unwelcome Resolution” written by Penelope Hughes (3/27), I am appalled that an American citizen could write such a letter.

First, there is no such thing as an “undocumented citizen.” This was a catch phrase coined by the Democratic Party in the 1990s to detract from the true meaning of illegal alien. Undocumented infers that these illegal people actually have a right to be here. They have broken our federal laws.

If they wish to follow the proper path to citizenship, I support them 100 percent. However, those who violate our laws and expect to participate in our social programs, education and health care without becoming legal citizens are not welcome.

I believe this was the intent of our township leaders in adopting the no-sanctuary status for Little Egg Harbor.

The liberalism spreading rampantly through our country will be our demise. Illegals leech billions from our Social Security and Medicaid systems and educational facilities, and now even New Jersey provides college educations for these people.

I fully support our town leaders in their decision in passing this resolution.

Dane Apgar

Little Egg Harbor


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