No Reinventing Norms

Aug 21, 2019

To the Editor:

This is in regards to recent letters concerning a local town board meeting and the alleged rudeness of a certain town official. Some would argue I have no right to comment since I was not present at the meeting. I suppose the purpose of this opinion is a general rebuttal to people of the LGBQT community who are upset by the pushback on their agenda.

The comment in one letter was correct in stating Jesus accepted and loved all people. However, Jesus never condoned misbehavior, whether it be adultery, lying or sexual proclivities.

I am not wasting this space to argue about what makes someone this way or that. Not going there. My purpose is to state that the very, very small minority cannot or should not reinvent society norms to fit their lifestyle. Nor should the greater majority show any prejudices to the LGBQT community who want to live like the rest of us, in a free and open society.

Man and woman have been created, evolved, star-dusted, whatever excuse you want to use as to how we have gotten here. The fact is we existed as two sexually different genders far too long to be converted, bullied or indoctrinated into accepting anything other than just that – two genders. Sexual proclivities do not identify new genders.

As a Catholic, I respect and love others who choose to live freely their chosen paths but want that same respect returned to me for sticking to my faith and beliefs.

Ed Schwind

The Dunes


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