No-Politics Zone

Jul 24, 2019

To the Editor:

Not withstanding my personal political views, I was aghast on July 20 as I approached the beach. (It was one of the hottest days on record with the humidity nearly 100 percent.) All I wanted was an escape to the beach and to enjoy the cool ocean.

I headed toward the LBTBP lifeguard stand, pleasantly surprised the beach was not as crowded as I had envisioned. However, as I neared the stand I couldn’t help but see a large banner on a pole dug into the sand: “TRUMP 2020 KEEP AMERICA GREAT!”

Seriously, is the beach now becoming a place to espouse your own political beliefs? Maybe the people who set this up are trying to brag about their loyalty? (Who really cares?)

Do they expect to sway voters as they sit on their sand chairs trying to relax? Or maybe it’s all a joke in light of current news?

Regardless, given the venue, it’s in poor taste. Most of us beach lovers regard the beach as an escape – a place to relax and perhaps reconnect with friends and family.

If this type of display is allowed to continue, I cringe at the thought of LBI beaches in the future. No more our pristine sand ending at the sparkling ocean. In the future there might be a plethora of political, religious or even personal views. It will look like a highway with billboards advertising products, businesses or organizations.

Hopefully, Long Beach Township and other LBI towns will add another DON’T to the list of beach rules: “Display of political beliefs on public beaches prohibited.”

Ellen Konwiser

Mount Arlington, N.J., and Brighton Beach


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