No More Destruction

Jun 19, 2019

To the Editor:
What has happened to my beloved LBI that I have known for over 25 years? I know, a group of politicians and an ambitious entrepreneur have turned LBI from a beautiful country private island to a commercial crowded enterprise and are not satisfied and want to add more destruction – that is, construction.

They want to take the Morrison’s site, an old, established wharfside complex, and add that escapade to their finances. Slowly we will not have anything left of our LBI.

We now have a monstrous ship as we come onto our precious island, with a parking lot full of cars and delivery trucks. I am waiting for the auto accidents to start when the full summer season commences. Who approved such monstrous construction?

The construction of the condos at the circle is another tragedy. Nothing should have been built on this ... a park, maybe. Wait until the autos leave the Island when there is a thunderstorm and the day hoppers exit.

No more large commercial enterprises such as hotels, etc. Take the construction elsewhere, and let us keep LBI, the second Southampton, as the island we have loved for over 25 years.

Sherry Zaslavsky

Brighton Beach and Monroe, N.J.

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