Newest Staff Members, Student Council Rep Introduced to Southern Regional School Board

By David Biggy | Sep 18, 2019

Stafford Township — While the business agenda wasn’t too exciting for the monthly Southern Regional Board of Education meeting of Sept. 11, the September meeting always brings some exciting news from Superintendent Craig Henry, who last week introduced to the board the district’s new staff members.

“As I say every year to our administrators, the most important thing we get to do is decide who gets to join the Southern family, and I’m really enthused about the potential of this group of individuals I’m introducing tonight,” Henry said as part of his introduction. “I can’t think of any group that has as much potential as this one.”

As Henry introduced the new certified staff members, he provided a brief biography of each one, and for some he had additional comments. He specifically talked “off-script” about Victoria Caiazzo, a former Southern and Stockton University athlete whom Henry lauded as giving “one of the most impactful interviews I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of, and I will never forget it.”

“Victoria likes shopping for clothes and shoes,” Henry said during his intro of the new physical science teacher, field hockey and basketball coach. “So, note to self, I can’t introduce you to my wife because she, too, loves clothes and shoes.”

Beyond introducing the rest of the new crew, which included highly acclaimed theater teacher Jessica Huch, whom Henry referred to as “dynamic and a great fit for Southern” when she was officially hired by the board in the spring, the superintendent said he couldn’t wait to see the impact they would have at Southern.

“These are 12 staff members who have the potential to fill the capacity of 36 positions because of all the outstanding credentials they have, and there is great anticipation to see them get to work,” he said.

Prior to the teacher introductions, student council President Erin Barrett gave her initial report to the board, and, not surprisingly, Henry had quite a lot to say about her.

“Erin’s a little nervous, and I’m glad she had the confidence in me not to share that with everybody,” he joked. “Erin and I go way back, when Erin was a member of the green team in the Stafford Roller Hockey League, where I had the benefit of coaching. I found myself on the bench of the championship game being distracted by my assistant coach, who was having fun with Erin about her new nail colors. She had one color on one hand and another color on the other, and he was talking about which she preferred. We went on to win the game, but what was more important was that pink was the better color.”

Afterward, Barrett briefly talked about her hockey experiences back in the day.

“I played defense, and I was the only girl on the team,” she said. “I get my nails done frequently and my nails weren’t fake during hockey season, but I changed colors every two weeks. I tended to go darker when it was colder. But it was a lot of fun to play, and Mr. Henry was a great coach.”

Once the hockey talk was over, Barrett offered a little about what she hopes to see during her time as student council president.

“I’m super excited about new Spirit Week ideas and anything that can get more students involved in the school, and of course the Dance Marathon,” she said. “I was really excited to start a new year. I definitely want to see more students involved in things, especially sophomores and freshmen, and create more events that they can feel welcomed and be excited for to be a part of.”

— David Biggy

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