New Direction

Sep 25, 2019

To the Editor:

The LBI Board of Education has been working these past 18 months to develop a new direction for the future of our district since the defeat of our 2017 referendum. As keepers of the district’s assets, we have a fiduciary obligation to move with great deliberation and caution in the allocation of district property.

The voter rejection (2-1) of the 2017 referendum sent us back to re-examining the questions. Would $14 million be more palatable to the voters than $19 million even though all the needs of the district would not be met? Or could we rework the LBI Grade School building, eliminating the need for new construction and making the entire project eligible for state funding? So we commissioned the Little report to see what needed to be accomplished.

At the August meeting the motion to put out a new referendum was defeated. According to parliamentary procedure, only a majority voter may resurrect a motion for revote pondering. The September motion was to generate money for updates, repairs and reconfiguration to the LBI Grade School building, making its use more flexible. Consolidation of schools will be examined further, gathering input from representative sectors from across the entire community.

As in all that we do as a board, our efforts are focused on what is educationally best for our students.
The below signatories are members of the LBI Board of Education and were present at the August and September meetings.

Georgene M. Hartmann, Bonnie Picaro, Eileen Bowker

Long Beach Township

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