New Dimensions

Feb 27, 2019

To the Editor:

A few years ago, Ocean County constructed a large and long outflow pipe, just north of the bay beach in Bayview Park, to help alleviate flooding on the Boulevard. This pipe and its supports are exposed except during very high tides, and even though an eyesore, it became an attraction to the young children at the park as a place to play and jump from into the water. 

To help protect the pipe from navigation mishaps and dissuade the jumpers who might be injured, the township constructed a pier over the pipe which could be used by everyone, especially those who might not otherwise get to enjoy the experience of taking a walk or ride “out to sea.”

Along with the pier having to be ADA accessible, additional parking is needed to meet the requirements of accessibility. Admittedly, the township’s original plans were quite aggressive and included a water-accessible dog park. The new plan eliminates the dog park and drops the parking from 40-plus spaces down to only seven. These spaces would be directly adjacent to the existing sidewalk and ramp leading to the pier and one-third the distance from the larger parking area to the south. The parking surface would be crushed shells rather than macadam to alleviate as much runoff as possible. 

I can appreciate the questions dealing with how this will negatively affect the natural beauty and environment in this area. I did just that during some of the construction of the new Causeway bridge. It seemed with every crossing to the Island I saw more excess fill being dumped onto the southern end of Cedar Bonnet Island. At the same time there was construction and excess fill being added to the south side of the Causeway.

Today we have the new Cedar Bonnet Island Environmental Trail, which extends one mile out onto Cedar Bonnet Island Park. The added excess fill next to the highway is now a parking area that also provides ADA parking. The township project in no way compares in size and scope to the CBI project but provides the same benefits to those who might not get to experience of being out on the water.

If you live on the water or have been out on the bay, the sound of the water beneath you adds a whole new dimension to your experience. This proposed parking area, adjacent to the existing pier, will allow so many with disabilities the experience of our beautiful Island and bay, just as the new refuge has on Cedar Bonnet Island. For these reasons, I fully support this revised plan as it gives those with disabilities a place to not only see but to also hear the beauty of Long Beach Island.  

Please take a moment to add your thoughts and comments to the township’s revised plans by clicking on comments@longbeachtownship.com.

John Fiore

Brant Beach



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