Negative Dynamic

Aug 14, 2019

To the Editor:

As a member of the community who attended the last school board meeting for the Long Beach Island Consolidated School District, I am disappointed to not see an article about it in the paper. There are many people in our community who read The SandPaper to keep up on schools news.

As a result, the poor behavior of the school board president at the last meeting was not published. The public deserves to have its questions answered and not be ignored or treated with contempt.

A member of our community stood at the podium and confronted his behavior as president. He refused to acknowledge reasons for his blatant rudeness to the public and other board members. The lack of respect is of enormous concern. It is time to change the dynamics of our school board.

Let us lead our board into a less stagnant and more cooperative direction for the betterment of the community. The school board’s main purpose is to protect its students, teachers and community as a whole.

This in part is why I chose to submit my petition for a seat on the board. I will endeavor to promote the board’s real purpose, and help eliminate the counterproductive meetings due to the negative dynamic demonstrated by some current board members.

Brielle Hoffacker

Long Beach Township


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