Necessary Change

Sep 04, 2019

The following was addressed to Beach Haven Municipal Clerk/Borough Administrator Sherry Mason.

Dear Sherry:

The proposed Morrison’s Marina redevelopment project includes a 102-room hotel/motel with a restaurant/event venue destination. The redevelopment includes public access to the bayfront park and waterfront dining while maintaining loading docks and the Ship’s Store currently in place. In addition, the hotel/motel would be accessible by boat.

One of the Beach Haven Taxpayers’ Association 2019 priorities is business revitalization and support for initiatives that attract commerce, which has a positive impact on the borough’s tax ratable and increases property tax revenue. Expansion of businesses is good for Beach Haven; it serves to increase the borough’s revenue base.

It is estimated that an additional $100,000 to $150,000 of hotel/motel taxes will come to the borough. Additional revenue via business revitalization will be realized through increased visitor volume and jobs will be created. In fact, year-round employment opportunities will be created for local residents.

The BHTA board met on Aug. 31 and by unanimous motion affirmed our belief that projects such as this one meet the tenets below as being good for Beach Haven. That is:

• Improve tax ratables;

• Increase access to available rooms when other venues are full to capacity;

• Improve streetscapes and an asset to the Maritime District;

• Enhance visitation volume;

• Create jobs.

In addition, the project is completely Americans With Disabilities Act-compliant and provides more than 100 parking spaces more than required by ordinance. It is important to note that the developing company, at its own expense, conducted a parking study to address concerns of parking shortages.

Change is difficult but at times necessary. We affirm that this type of project is good for the current and future taxpayers of Beach Haven.

John Hailperin, president

Beach Haven Taxpayers’ Assn.


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