Morrison’s Monstrosity

Dec 18, 2019

To the Editor:

Coming onto LBI earlier this month, I almost missed the Victoria Rose project. It just blends in with the neighborhood, fits and enhances the character of Beach Haven. Believe that and I have a bridge for sale you may be interested in.

The Beach Haven Land Use Board has one way to redeem itself and that is to deny the “Morrison’s Monstrosity.” I’m sure you all have seen Hotel LBI as you come onto the Island. It doesn’t take much to imagine picking that up and dumping it right in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

And have you seen those lights at night? They will be seen in Atlantic City and the mainland. Is that any way to treat our residents? It is unbelievable that the monster project would even be discussed. What are borough officials thinking? Have they no consideration for the borough, the beaches and especially the residents in that area? It’s not a matter of “not wanting change,” it’s “doing the right thing.”

Please, please, LUB, vote no on this project.

Vic Fadini

Washington Township, N.J., and Beach Haven

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