Moral Low Ground

Aug 21, 2019

To the Editor:

The first five commandments are our commitment to God. The second five are about our obligation to one another as neighbors, and they point out illegal behavior.

“You shall not kill.” This would mean not killing each other. Trump supports the death penalty.

“You shall not commit adultery.” This is illegal in our military. Trump is the only president-elect to enter the office as a proven adulterer.

“You shall not steal.” Stealing is illegal. Trump’s history of stealing is well documented, refusing to pay his vendors for their services at his casinos. Today he steals from the American people to further enrich himself and his family.

“You shall not bear false witness.” This is illegal in a court of law. The documentation of Trump’s chronic lies needs no further explanation.

“You shall not covet.” This includes rape, kidnapping and torture as coveting dominion over another person. Trump is in favor of torture as a national policy.

A vote for Trump holds no moral high ground.

Barbara Lowen

Beach Haven

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