Meter Concerns

Feb 20, 2019

To the Editor:

I just received my water bill along with the announcement of the requirement to install water meters. I have several concerns.

For the past 40 years all Long Beach Township residents, myself included, have been paying our water bills quarterly. Whenever the subject of installing water meters came up it was turned down due to the cost of installation. So now the cost is shifted to the owner.

Aside from the cost of installation here are my concerns: 

1. The announcement states that water meters are required to be installed by the state of New Jersey. So I assume Long Beach Township doesn’t have a say in the matter. Since this is ordered by the state, are all municipalities required to have meters or just LBT?

2. The current method of billing for water and sewer (quarterly) was the fairest for all residents of LBT, as both seasonal and full-time residents paid the same. Now it appears seasonal residents will only pay for their summer usage, as their off-season usage (metered) will be zero. We full-time residents will be penalized, as we will be metered for the full 12 months.

3. If the second point is true, the township will receive much less revenue (three months of metered usage for all, and nine months of only full-time residents usage).

I realize this is a preliminary announcement and more details will be provided this summer. Hopefully my concerns will be addressed at that time.

Andy Matthews 

Peahala Park

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