Make Tracks to Hear Ty Mares’ New Single, ‘Run From This’

Apr 03, 2019
Source: Facebook

Berklee grad and Barnegat resident Ty Mares says all his various musical projects up to this point have been “tinting the shade I’ve always wanted to create.”

As a singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist, Mares has impressed listeners locally for a few years. On March 23, he released a new original single, “Run From This,” the first in a batch of new songs he feels represent his vision as an artist. Listen to a clip at or hear the full song on Spotify.

“Run From This” is a groovy exploration of the uncertainty, conflict and fear that often accompany young love (“It’s always a smoke-and-mirrors game”) – a song sung by a soul searching for answers, “just to end up where I started.” With a voice like John Mayer (another Berklee attendee, if briefly), Mares manages to sound simultaneously frustrated and optimistic as the rhythm tempts a listener’s head to bop and feet to tap.

He anticipates three more single releases within the next year.

He blames his lack of confidence, previously, for compromising his true colors. But he recognizes the value in the learning experiences along the way.

“Now is my time to put my music out to the world and hope that, with hard work and help from my friends and community, it will carry me to the place I want to be,” Mares said.

“These songs definitely represent a lot of experiences for me in the last year and also describe emotions that I feel like most people can relate to,” he said. “I really hope the world will accept and embrace my vision.”  —V.F.






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