Majority for Dredging

Dec 04, 2019

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to one published July 31 titled “Spoiling Dock Road,” on the proposed dredging of Westecunk Creek in Eagleswood Township, by Michael Pierro.

Mr. Pierro and a grand total of about two other homeowners, out of 100 on Dock Road, are opposed to the spreading of dredge spoils on a state-owned regional dredge spoil site in a classic case of “not in my back yard.” Mr. Pierro has worked hard over the years, manipulating the narrative and using the media and lawyers to garnish support for his personal agenda. After reading the letter and sorting through all the superfluous reasons why West Creek’s dredge spoils should be placed anywhere but here, the first thought came to my mind was: “Don’t buy a house next to a graveyard if you are going to complain every time they stick somebody else in the ground.”

I can also not disagree more with the assertion that “the property values of the adjacent homes would plummet” because of dredge spoils (that would ultimately be trucked out and used elsewhere). My property on Dock Road is zoned commercial, but the creek is not commercially viable without more water at low tide. In my estimation, a deeper creek means bigger boats, and bigger boats mean people with money to spend on houses to dock their bigger boats. Prices go up!

In closing, I would just like to say that in the letter, the writer bloviates about different “prominent environmental organizations” and an 80-signature petition that supports his crusade about what he perceives is best for Dock Road. “We fought this project.” “We are supported in different ways.” No, Mr. Pierro, you are incessantly fighting this project. So please, moving forward, do not use the word “we” in the media when referring to what you want, or you believe are the needs of the homeowners, recreational boaters and sportsmen of Dock Road.

The bottom line is Westecunk Creek has to be dredged, come hell or … well, low water in this case.

J. Bradford Sweeney




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Posted by: Anthony E Galligani | Dec 05, 2019 11:54

Wow dude! I went back and read his message. It seemed entirely rational. It didn't say he was against the dredging itself. Why so angry?

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