Magical Park

Feb 20, 2019

To the Editor:

Welcome, all, to Brant Beach.

I am writing in response to several letters regarding Bayview Park, most recently a lengthy piece by Bill Boyd (“Paving Paradise: What’s Next? A Bus Terminal?” 2/13) condemning Long Beach Township’s efforts to add a few parking spaces for those who need easy access to the new pier.

First, I would like to clear up several inaccuracies in his letter.

1. The drain pipe extending through Bayview Park into the bay was installed by Ocean County, not Long Beach Township as stated. The township did not give approvals, consent or blessing to the project and was not involved.

The county did this intending to eliminate flooding on Long Beach Boulevard. Intentions were good; however, this did leave a dangerous situation for swimmers, boaters, windsurfers, etc. with a pipe at the waterline stretching out hundreds of feet into the bay. Long Beach Township elected to build a usable handicapped-accessible pier over the pipe for all to enjoy and avoid a hazardous situation. Intentions were good.

2. The letter missed the fact that a totally handicapped-accessible restroom complete with an ADA-approved wheelchair elevator already exists in Bayview Park near the entrance. The problem that his letter harps on does not exist. 

3. The standup paddleboard rentals are from four LBI companies, not just Acme Beach & Bike.

I am a year-round resident of Brant Beach who loves Bayview Park. I welcome all to come enjoy Bayview Park. I welcome the newly disabled veteran who might want to enjoy fishing on the pier. I welcome elderly vets who may want easy access to throw out a crab trap. I welcome families with strollers who want to walk out and enjoy the bay. Bayview Park is great place.

Come listen to the children laugh as they romp in the water. Come watch people smile, clap and sing to the music of an evening concert, and watch as a couple take a moment to join hands, hug and watch the most beautiful sunset on the East Coast. Truly magical.

I welcome Long Beach Township to sensibly build the environmentally friendly oyster shell parking spaces. I would hope that the trees and bushes can be saved. We have the pier, we have the ADA-accessible bathrooms, and now we have parking for all completing the loop for everyone to enjoy.

Steve Havelka

Brant Beach



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