Long Beach Island Grade School Musicians Give Ukuleles a Strum

Nov 20, 2019
Courtesy of: Long Beach Island Grade School

Student-musicians at the Long Beach Island Grade School, in Ship Bottom, have taken on a new, melodious challenge: the ukulele. As the Long Beach Island Consolidated School District explained, “Students work each day across the curriculum, in an interdisciplinary approach to their learning. One major instrumental change in our music department has been the number of students learning how to play the ukulele” – a member of the guitar family, with four nylon strings that can be plucked or strummed.

“It’s great to see the students working together in our strings program,” said Superintendent Peter Kopack. “This year, the students have really taken an interest in learning about the ukulele. It’s such a great program, led by Mr. Cotov.

“We have such dedication by our students to learn to play woodwinds, brass, piano, percussion, violin and now, ukulele,” he added. “It’s a coordinated effort, and the students learn at such a fast pace.”

The students have already picked up many new songs on the ukulele. “By learning to read music, sight read melodies and strum chords while singing, they play a vast repertoire under the direction of Mr. Cotov,” according to the district.

Cotov, in turn, helps the youngsters relate the songs to what they’ve discovered in other classes and at home. “Mr. Cotov regularly communicates with the teachers and parents, and integrates core academic areas to expand upon learning,” Kopack remarked. “The students are really enjoying the music program and look forward to performing soon.”

“Our students have tons of musical choices at LBI,” Cotov said. “They have many ways to express themselves, and our district has always supported all of them.” —J.K.-H.

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