Logical Choice

Jul 03, 2019

To the Editor:

I’ve been an unrepresented taxpayer watching the drama and debate over consolidation of the two LBI elementary schools for way too many years. Anyone with two eyes and even a half a brain can see that the logical conclusion is to close the LBI Grade School and expand Ethel Jacobsen.

EJ is newer, prettier and on a larger property. Engineering studies have supported this strategy. Financial studies have supported this strategy. Practical demonstration of feasibility was provided after Superstorm Sandy. There is no doubt that, in the long run, it’s the way to go.

It is obvious that there are hidden, political forces at work. Since the powers that be continue to manipulate, subvert and ignore the logical decision, I’d like to see the school board stop wasting more of my money on referendums, studies and other nonsense that won’t be followed. Then whoever has his or her eyes on the EJ property can take it over, do whatever he or she wants and the kids can be dumped into the old property and that will be that.

Please, just get it over with.

Mark B. Vizer

Ship Bottom


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