Little Egg Harbor Police Bitten Twice When Responding to Calls for Assistance

Aug 21, 2019

The Little Egg Harbor Police Department is asking the public to please leash and confine their dogs when officers respond to calls for help.

“Over the past two weeks, our officers have encountered aggressive dogs on three separate occasions after responding to calls for service.”

In two of these cases, officers who are familiar with dogs, one being a K-9 officer, were bitten. In the latest incident, the officer required seven stitches to his upper arm to close the wound. The incidents in which officers were injured occurred outside in the front yard and on a public street.

On Aug. 2, police were called to a residence in the Mystic Islands section of town regarding an active disturbance, and since the residence was well known to police, several officers responded. When officers arrived on the scene, a pit bull ran out of the home and attacked an officer outside. The dog then released that officer and attempted to attack another, resulting in the discharge of a firearm. The officer who was initially attacked was transported to Southern Ocean Medical Center, where he was treated for a puncture wound and later released. The dog was not injured and was transported by animal control to the Ocean County Animal Shelter, where the dog is currently being held in quarantine.

The police released this statement on their Facebook page: “We here at LEHPD are animal lovers ourselves and we know that the dogs were just being dogs and behaved that way for a variety of reasons. What we do expect is responsible pet-ownership. If police are called to your home for any reason or they are outside and you are going to open a door, please restrain the dog whether by leash, by putting them in a separate room with the door closed or by crating them. Doing so will ensure the safety of your pet and the responding officers.” —P.J.

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