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Teen Rapper Delights Teen Nite Crowd, Will Release New Album Soon
By Monique M. Demopoulos | Jul 17, 2019
Courtesy of: Upstate Grove Productions

Lucas Closs, from Bridgewater, has spent every summer in Beach Haven since he was just a year old. Fifteen years later, he and his mother were enjoying dinner together during Memorial Day weekend at the Delaware Avenue Oyster House when they met John Kapps, a DJ at Bird and Betty’s in Beach Haven. Kapps asked to hear a demo of Closs’ music. Consequently, Closs, better known as Action Doxx, was immediately booked for Bird and Betty’s Teen Nite.

“This was my first real concert, headlining by myself,” said Closs. “I’ve performed for parties, but nothing major. This is the first real stage I’ve been on.”

Straight out of the gate, the 16-year-old artist proved himself to be a smash hit, performing to a sold-out Bird and Betty’s on July 7.

“It was insane. You could hear the place shaking,” Closs said. “I have a pretty good fanbase out here already because I have a lot of friends in the scene here, but I was still nervous. That was the first time I saw a real crowd, and I was like ‘wow.’ People were really feeling the music. The place was crumbling.”

Closs has been rapping since he was 11.

“My brother and I would mess around, listening to different beats and freestyling off of each other,” he said. “Then one Christmas, I got a microphone for gaming, because I’m also a gamer. I used that microphone to make my first song. I fell in love with it, and kept going from there.”

Closs thanks his older brother for turning him on to much of the music that motivated him as an artist. He said he pulls a lot of inspiration from ’90s-era rappers, such as Mos Def and Tribe Called Quest. Closs is also influenced by the music of the late Mac Miller. As far as pursuing rap by his own means, he learned from another self-made rapper called Felly.

“He did basically the same thing as me. He was in his basement making beats,” Closs explained. “When I started rapping, I thought, I have to study this kid and learn his technique. Then I made it my own.” Closs’ name, Action Doxx, was inspired by the rapper Action Bronson, who was also influential for him.

Since establishing himself, Action Doxx has kept busy, cooking up beats in his basement.

“I have produced nearly 70 songs in the last year, by myself in my basement studio. Those will be released over the months. I have engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered every single song myself.”

Another rapper, Kraft Monroe, stumbled across Action Doxx on Soundcloud. Being from an adjacent New Jersey town, Kraft Monroe connected with Action Doxx and got him signed to a label called Phantom Boyz Music.

“We (Monroe and Closs) recorded this song called ‘Constellations,’ and as soon as we dropped it, I swear everyone in New Jersey was listening to it. It had 80,000 streams on Soundcloud and 20,000 views on YouTube,” Closs said proudly. PBM is working with him on polishing records, producing music videos and helping to promote him. He is grateful for the support of the label. “My two managers from PBM, Matt and Melvin, even came out to the (Bird and Betty’s) show with me,” he said.

Closs is pleased to report he is releasing a new album with the help of PBM by the fall. He hopes it will be well received. “I have another whole fanbase at school, so this will be perfect timing,” he said.

In the meantime, fans can expect another Teen Nite performance in the near future. “There’s no question about another show. We’re looking forward to doing another one, hopefully in August,” he said.

Through Action Doxx, Closs expresses who he truly is.

“I always had a feeling that I would entertain. My mom has videos of me dancing at 4 years old. I was born to do this for people.” He described being on stage at Bird and Betty’s as a divine experience. “All that nervous energy turned into positive energy. When I go on stage, my mind goes blank. I’m just doing music. All I remember is being in the zone. That’s some other force outside of me,” he said.

“I’ve had dreams of this, and now I’m living it, so that’s crazy. At 16 years old to say that is pretty insane,” he continued, “and I haven’t even reached my full potential yet,” suggesting to listeners he’s got much more in store.

Closs wants his listeners to know everyone is capable of achieving the state of bliss that comes in pursuing one’s passion. “I just want to tell the world that everyone can do this, not just me. There are super talented people out there who limit their potential because they think they can’t. I want everyone to know that if you put your mind to it, you really can do anything you want!”

Action Doxx can be heard on Soundcloud, YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify.

— Monique M. Demopoulos

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