LGBTQ Study Opposed

Jan 08, 2020

To the Editor:

I was very dismayed to read that Pinelands Junior High is adding an “LGBTQ curriculum” (“Pinelands Launches LGBTQ Curriculum for Eighth-Graders,” 12/4). This was done with absolutely no notice to parents and is not state mandated.

I think at the very least parents should have the opportunity to “opt in” (not “opt out,” which is always a very sneaky way of passing things “under the wire”).

I don’t feel this is the school’s role. It is rather the parents’ role, to teach their children. Let me make it very clear as the mom of four sons, I know all of them, and myself included, would be the first to jump in if we saw someone being bullied for any reason. That being said, I do not understand why this issue is being highlighted.

Are we also going to have separate programs for minority races, religious beliefs, individuals with weight issues, etc., too? Or is it just for this one group, which actually represents 0.6 percent of the population?

I currently pay for a tutor to keep my seventh-grader up to par. Shouldn’t we be spending our time, energy and money to bring our students up to state averages on standardized tests? I have brought this up before and been given the ridiculous reply that “some students freeze/panic on state tests.” Should I take that to mean that only students in our schools suffer from this?

I also found the statement that “a curriculum coach will be provided, at no cost to the district” ridiculous. Are we to assume that teachers working with the coach are not going to be getting paid during that time? Good luck getting a budget passed next year.

I send my children to school to learn English, math, history, science. Any disciplinary bullying issues the school has should be handled the same across the spectrum. I do not send my children to school to learn specific ideologies. That, in my opinion, is overstepping.

Kate Goode

Little Egg Harbor



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