Legendary Regular Guy

Feb 20, 2019

To the Editor:

I just read Jon Coen’s tribute to surfer Richard Lisiewski (“Losing Lisiewski: LBI Wave Riding Legend, Pioneer,” 2/6). I have such a vivid memory of that friendly guy with his thick shock of blond hair.

From about 1965 through the mid-’70s his shop and my Beachcomber office were both in the old Brant Beach movie theater building. He was on the corner and there was a coffee shop in the middle (I think) and then my miniscule office. When things were slow he would pull out his chair and lounge on the sidewalk. If I wasn’t busy and the sun was out I’d sidle over, dragging a chair, and we would shoot the breeze (as my dear father used to say).

His daughter Caroline Unger’s book, Surfing LBI, honors her father’s tradition.

Margaret Thomas Buchholz

Harvey Cedars


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