Lecture - Making Use of Light and Shadow at Pine Shores Art Association

Pine Shores Art Association
94 Stafford Ave., Manahawkin, NJ
May 18, 2019
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Instructor: Kimberly Cesaretti

Tuition: $40 Member Tuition: $20

Come out of the dark and into the light. Take the mystery out of how to use light and shadow in your work. In this lecture based class, students will learn the elements and principles of design which give the feeling of 3 dimensions on 2-dimensional surfaces. Learn how to use value to create drama and emotion. Learn how to create artwork that invites the observer to visually reach in and pluck objects off of the 2-D surface.

• This is one of our Foundation lecture classes. The purpose is to give you an overview of the topic and is NOT an applied course focusing on practice.