Land Transformed

Jul 03, 2019

To the Editor:

Thank you, Jen! Let’s start there.

For a long time there was a plot of land on Broadway in Barnegat Light that had a great little “joint” on it called the Coffee Shack. The Shack went away and we had a plot of land on the bay that grew a lot of weeds, probably for more than a decade. We on the north end would drive by and wonder what would be its future.

Jen’s Links at LBI has transformed the land into a great part of our community. If you live in Barnegat Light please know that this land would have been a lot different in a place to the north or south of our fine borough.

As full-year residents, our five kids are pumped up. Our oldest has mobility issues and the course is set up well for the special needs community. We’ll pop in a few times in the busy season, but sign us up for a lot of “tee times” after Labor Day.

The Coffee Shack would be proud!

Kevin Phillips

Barnegat Light


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