Kudos to Developers

Jul 24, 2019

To the Editor:

I am a relatively longtime resident of Beach Haven, married to a woman who’s been here much longer, and the two of us tend to keep our fingers on the pulse of our borough. It was just a few short years ago that we counted over 30 empty storefronts along Bay Avenue. The town was obviously stagnating. Enter Bill Burris with his numerous projects to improve our Queen City.

Now we have Jay Cranmer, Terry Moeller and, most recently, Christopher Vernon jumping in with projects that are meeting the demands of our visitors. These projects may not be what some residents want, but they are sorely needed to keep Beach Haven a viable tourist destination.

My wife and I have attended pretty much every meeting having to do with these projects, and others, and have seen each of these developers work with the town, and accept compromises to make their visions a reality. All of these jobs have met all state and local regulations, and overall have met with the approval of the majority of Beach Haven residents. Of course, as there would be anywhere, there is a small but very vocal group of dissenters.

Enter Mr. John Harvey, a relative newcomer to our fair burg. In his SandPaper Commentary last week (“Revise Morrison’s Site Plan So All Stakeholders Benefit”), he managed to malign Station 117, Victoria Rose and the upcoming Morrison’s project. He’s personally decided that our governing body is not doing a good job and has created the group “Engage Beach Haven” in an attempt to rule by committee.

I’d suggest that if Mr. Harvey is dissatisfied with what is going on in Beach Haven, he run for office so he may truly have a say in what is happening here. Then he would actually be able to claim to be the voice of the people. In the meantime, kudos to our present governing body, and these developers, for their determination to improve Beach Haven. The town is flourishing, and we, personally, support each of these projects and the people behind them.

James C. Vogel

Beach Haven

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