Kidney Donor Sought for Beach Haven Man

By Eric Englund | Oct 02, 2019

Beach Haven — During the Merchants Mart in Beach Haven on Saturday, Oct. 5, a group of volunteers will be disseminating information about kidney donor awareness.

It's all part of a Kidney4Gary campaign recently started in Beach Haven on behalf of Gary Demberg, a 75-year-old borough resident who is in need of a new right kidney.

“Right now, it has a 16, 17 percent function,” said his wife, Jane Demberg. “If it goes below 14 percent, he will have to go on dialysis so time is of the essence.“

She said her husband’s condition has deteriorated within the last few months.

“He was always very active, but now he tires easily,” said Demberg. “That’s a symptom when the kidneys aren’t functioning properly and not cleaning out the toxins in the body.”

She said that with kidney transplants, family members are usually the first options.

“But with our history of kidney disease and other health issues, we’ve been told that’s not going to happen,” she said. “So now we’re looking outside for a living donor.”

Demberg said the family is working with New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center as well as Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic affiliated in Florida. Medical costs are covered through Medicare and other sources.

“This is not about raising funds, but trying to quickly find a donor,” she said.

Demberg said brochures from the National Kidney Foundation will be available at the Merchants Mart.

“We’d like to clear up some misconceptions,” she said. “One is that donors must be young. However, 30 percent of living donors are 50 or over. It’s only the health of the kidney that counts.”

She said a typical stay in the hospital is two to four days and that most donors are able to go back to work within a few weeks.

For more information, contact Demberg at 845-355-9009.  —E.E.





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