Journey Into the Unknown With The Event Horizon

By Sandra Weyant | Aug 28, 2019
Photo by: Chris Seiz

Ship Bottom — Event Horizon (noun): A theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape.

Warning! Once The Event Horizon starts jamming, the music sucks you in and the real world ceases to exist around you. The band’s performance on Saturday night at Joe Pop’s Shore Bar in Ship Bottom was out of this world with intense mash-ups and high-energy set lists of hits from every genre.

Guests gravitated toward the stage and danced and sang along to their favorite tunes all night long. The Event Horizon covered everything from Buck Cherry to Paramore to Shania Twain, keeping the audience on their toes as to what they would play next.

The five-piece ensemble includes founder and lead vocalist/part-time bassist Henry Robinson, lead vocalist Meg Lanzarone, guitarist and singer Dan Neary, drummer T Meshiko and “multi-instrumentalist” LJ Kanopka, who provides vocals, guitar, bass and keyboard for the band.

The Event Horizon officially formed in 2013 when Robinson left another shore cover band and was looking to create his own group. While the band underwent several lineup changes throughout the years, Robinson describes the interaction among the current members to be harmonious and “just right.”

“Everyone in this band is really cool, and together, we’re perfect,” he said.

Robinson was on a quest to find the perfect bandmates, and he recruited everyone at the opportune moment.

“My bass player, LJ, I’ve known him for years and he was in a few different bands, and when he was leaving the last one, I pretty much snatched him up right away,” he said.

Neary previously auditioned for the lead guitarist spot, but decided not to join the first time around. Robinson was persistent, however, and when the spot opened up again, he offered and Neary went for it. Meshiko, who was a member of several different original and cover bands, started his musical career in the hardcore scene, but no one would ever know it, as Robinson describes him as “the nicest and easiest guy to get along with.”

Little did Lanzarone know that she auditioned for her role on the spot during one of the band’s gigs.

“She happened to fill in for us one night, and when she sang, I was like, ‘That’s the girl we need,’” Robinson said.

In addition to touring with The Event Horizon, Lanzarone is one of three vocalists for The Uptown Girls. With her extensive background in musical theater, she has also performed in several Off-Broadway shows in New York City.

With a group of multidimensional musicians, anything is possible. The crew constantly takes turns singing and swapping instruments to enhance the vibe of each song. The harmonizing between Lanzarone and the guys makes for a dynamic and powerful sound.

Robinson, who began singing when he was 14 years old, attributes his love for music to the metal scene, which was evident when he belted lyrics at the top of his lungs. Lanzarone enchanted the crowd with her sultry voice, and Neary shredded on the guitar, especially during the solo in “Smooth” by Santana.

The band opened up with “Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind, but then ramped things up with surprise punk-alternative hits such as “Dance, Dance” by Fall Out Boy and “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” by Panic! At The Disco. They even performed such rock classics as Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and Bryan Adams’ “Summer of 69.”

TEH is mainly a New Jersey cover band that plays in the shore areas – Belmar, Point Pleasant, Altantic City and Long Beach Island – but they do occasionally travel to perform, as well.

“We go down to Maryland, Delaware, upstate New York and even Florida. We were just there a few weeks ago to play at the Hard Rock. We’ll go anywhere,” Robinson said. “You just gotta love what you do, and most musicians I know that perform regularly do it because they truly love it.”

In addition to playing at nightclubs and bars, TEH can bring the party to weddings, corporate affairs and private events. To view a schedule of upcoming events or to learn more about The Event Horizon, visit:

— Sandra Weyant


Set List Snippet:

“Semi-Charmed Life,” Third Eye Blind

“Inside Out,” Eve 6

“All Star,” Smash Mouth

“What I Got,” Sublime

“Fly,” Sugar Ray

“One Week,” Barenaked Ladies

“I’m Not Sick But I’m Not Well,” Lit

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