Jax Spotted – Animal Control Asks Public to Stay Back

Jun 25, 2019
Photo by: Supplied Jax in happier days.

The public is asked to refrain from looking for Jax, the dog that was ejected from an auto accident on the westbound Causeway Bridge Monday.

Stafford Township Animal Control, through the Stafford Police Department, issued the following statement Tuesday:

“Efforts are being made to secure the dog safely. Jax was sighted today and appears to be uninjured. We are asking the public not to intervene at this time in attempting to rescue or secure the dog.

“When dogs go missing, they experience fight or flight, and right now, Jax is in flight mode. When dogs experience flights, they run and will continue to run out of fear even from their own owner. They do not recognize their name, they do not recognize their owners, and they are solely focused on survival.

“What does this mean? It means that any noises are perceived as a threat, which will force the dog to hunker down in an area that he feels safe or run as far as he can. Dogs will hear your footsteps long before you even see them.

“To avoid running Jax into the water or into traffic on Route 72, we ask that you allow us to secure him safely. This process can take some time.

“A few things about Jax – he is afraid of men, water, cars and the rain. Based on this information provided by the owner, we are using methods to prevent him from running further due to fear and stress, but will also allow him to decompress.

“Right now, he is safe, unharmed, and in an isolated area. The goal is to keep it that way, so we can secure him and reunite him with his family.

“Thank you for your cooperation from the Stafford Township Animal Control Department.”

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