Information Lacking

Nov 20, 2019

To the Editor:

We are writing to remind all taxpayers of the upcoming LBI Consolidated Board of Education referendum vote, on Tuesday, Dec. 10. Get out and vote! For clarification, we offer the following:

• A yes vote means the LBI school board is committed to the bond issue of $7.68 million, and this money is designated exclusively for the repair and renovation of only the LBI Grade School.

• A no vote means the bond issue of $7.68 million is not approved and the question regarding any future plans for the LBI Grade School and the Ethel Jacobsen School will be revisited by the newly elected LBI school board when they convene in January 2020.

• The Barnegat Light Taxpayers Association board of trustees considers the analysis of the two school properties by the LBI Joint Council of Taxpayers Associations (JCTA) to be reasonably complete. However, there are two deficits: first, the lack of a current independent structural engineering review of the LBI School and second, the lack of updated cost estimates for repair and renovation of the Ethel Jacobsen School.

• The BLTA board of trustees strongly believes that taxpayers deserve a current independent structural engineering evaluation of the LBI School and updated cost estimates for the Ethel Jacobsen School before being asked to approve the $7.68 million bond issue for the repair and renovation of only one school property.

Barbara Truncellito, president

Rich Brodman, vice president

BLTA Board of Trustees


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