In Mayor’s Defense

Aug 21, 2019

To the Editor:

I write in defense of Mayor Cirulli.

As a resident of Barnegat, the mayor has the same right of any resident to voice his opinion, which he clearly stated it was.

Any resident does not deserve nor should have slurs cast at them by the tactic of placing a label on them. And at minimum provocation.

Calling people slur words is taken from a leftist tactic book and needs to stop. It is intended to make the person it is directed at a “bad” person so that attacking that person is allowed. This tactic does not assist debate, but tries to shut it down. That is when democracy is in trouble, not by differing opinions freely spoken.

Democracy is definitely not in jeopardy (as per one letter to the editor) as long as all can speak their mind freely, which is occurring.

None of the letter writers who had issues with the mayor indicate that they gave alternate views openly at the meeting, but chose to do it via letter to The SandPaper.

The mayor, speaking his opinion, definitely does not warrant a call for removal because some people disagree with his opinion. Some of us agree with the mayor.

Additionally, the anti-Cirulli letters make false conclusions that other committee members are guilty of agreeing because they did not say anything. Most of the letter writers did not say anything either at the meeting, so do they agree with him by the same reasoning?

Only by seeking each individual committee member’s opinion and hearing it can you conclude what that person’s opinions are.

I am concerned that a LGBT political group is trying to get its agenda implemented in course work for required classes, which I am just finding out about.

In reading other articles in The SandPaper, it appears the school superintendent has not read the course yet. I think we all should be able to see the course before further dialogue.

The issue being discussed at the meeting and in letters should address what is being proposed to be taught to the students.

Joseph Cannatelli



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