Important Values

Oct 23, 2019

To the Editor:

We moved to Holgate almost 35 years ago because we were in love with Beach Haven. Over the past several months, I have thought about that move and why it was that we felt so strongly about the town. It wasn’t because of the beaches; it wasn’t because of the sunsets; it wasn’t because of the availability of parking or the paucity of tourists. It was because of organizations.

Organizations like the library, our two wonderful museums, the PTA, the fire company, the first aid squad, the local churches that do so much, the Surflight, the Community Arts Project, the Striper Tournament, the Turkey Dinner, Alliance for a Living Ocean, ReClam the Bay, Neighbors in Need, Mordecai Land Trust, Chowderfest. Over the years I have met so many selfless people who dedicate so much of their time to making our town better.

One of the things that has occurred to me lately is how seldom the names of the people I met in these organizations have appeared in the lists of people clamoring to “keep” Beach Haven the way it was. The people I know who have worked for a long time, sometimes generations, to make Beach Haven great are not among this group of “reformers.” The people I know continue to volunteer to maintain the values that are the reason we moved here.

We all want a beautiful town. We all want to be able to enjoy what Beach Haven has always offered. I contend that the most important of these values is fellowship and a sense of community. I gained these when I began to volunteer for the organizations that keep the town together. I suggest that positive action will always overcome negativism.

Gail South


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