Imperative to Vote

Oct 23, 2019

To the Editor:

As a new election to the LBI Board of Education looms large on the horizon and a crucial referendum vote as to whether there will be funds to repair the LBI School approaches, it is imperative that the taxpayers come out and vote on both issues.

There has been more than a million dollars spent, spearheaded by the current representative from Barnegat Light, to close LBI and relocate everyone to the E.J. School. The voters made it clear that plan was a no go. Those dollars could have maintained both buildings to an acceptable level, and the December referendum may not have been necessary at all.

The majority of the public that has approached me is in favor of keeping both schools. The land can never be regained if one property is let go. I would, if elected, be all ears and eyes on how to best serve our students, taxpayers and employees.

It is a tribute to their professionalism that the faculty has continued to do such a fine job of educating our students under the veil of a move, a closure, and even no contract. The board must get beyond the consolidation question and settle in to working with what we have in the best way possible.

Unless there is something that the board has not revealed to the public, I see no reason to close either school. Vote yes for the referendum and let’s get on with the business of education.

Nancy Spark

Barnegat Light

Nancy Spark is a candidate for the Barnegat Light seat on the Long Beach Island Consolidated Board of Education.

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