Imagine, Indeed

By S. FOX | Apr 24, 2019

To the Editor:

In response to the questions posed by Mr. Whitcraft (“Can You Imagine?”) in the April 17 issue, I ask the following:

Can anyone imagine a bird attempting to fly with one wing?

Can anyone imagine a man trying to run with one leg?

Can anyone imagine a country, which depends on the consistent and productive interaction of the members of its designated two-party system, functioning efficiently when only one of the two parties is actively governing?

Surprisingly, the correct answer to the third question isn’t “no.” The answer should be a resounding “yes,” because to a large extent, over the past two-plus years, our legally elected, conservative administration has struggled, unilaterally, to fulfill pre-election promises it made to all of America while an inordinate percentage of the liberal opposition, instead of being productive for us, has been openly and diligently occupied doing everything possible to overturn and de-legitimize the results of the past election.

The unrelenting barrage of liberally promulgated efforts in resisting, delaying, obstructing and obfuscating any and all conservative programs continues apace and, like raw meat thrown into a lion’s cage, the 24/7 news releases of such actions of resistance seems to re-energize liberal TV and Hollywood personalities, many academics, the “fake” news media, and their eager and easily satiated “Kool-Aid-sipping” readers.

However, despite the exceptionally crude ad hominem attacks directed at the president, his family and administration; despite the seemingly endless legal and bogus challenges; despite the entrenched deep-state holdovers from prior administrations, the RINOs, the obviously biased news networks, print media, Hollywood celebrities, and the hyper-critical Democrats and brazenly self-described Socialists, the only force still moving forward with an agenda designed to assist all of America is the Republicans.

During the past two-plus years, despite overwhelming, withering, 24/7/365 opposition, which may well have crippled any less formidable administration, they have achieved unbelievable and historic results.

Space in this column prohibits enumerating the very long list of achievements of our current president and his administration, but if you’re interested in facts, and not “fake” news, broadcasts, telecasts, Facebook, blogs, tweets, gossip, hearsay, etc., please take a moment and search online for “Trump’s Accomplishments” in his first two years in office, from a reputable news source. In fact, you’ll even find a complimentary CNN (not a pro Trump organization) commentary by Steve Cortes. Wow!

And let’s not be too hasty to dismiss the recently released efforts of Special Counsel Mueller and his seriously biased team, who found “no collusion” and nothing worthy of serious consideration involving “obstruction” after conducting a two-year investigative study.

Now, can anyone imagine how much more intelligent, less belligerent and less antagonistic many of us would be if we were more discriminating in our choices of news and information sources?

And, finally, can anyone imagine how much more our two-party government system could have achieved for all of us during the past two years had all those we elected to represent us been working together, perhaps finding solutions for immigration and border control, health care and infrastructure repair?

S. Fox

Little Egg Harbor



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