Herbicide Overkill

Sep 18, 2019

To the Editor:

This past summer we have been treated to a barrage of commercials from law firms getting on board with class action lawsuits against weed killer manufacturers. Strangely, at the same time this has been going on the state and perhaps other government entities have begun or maybe finished a campaign of herbicide usage on a scale I and others have not seen before.

Along Route 9 and other roads chemicals have been sprayed around telephone poles, guard rails and street signs in quantities that have killed all vegetation including small trees. I have never witnessed this in my memory.

Surely, at a minimum, the sheer quantities involved must be leaching into the waterways and possibly groundwater. No doubt people and their pets are being affected on walks without giving it a second thought. The real question is why. Is the state getting rid of an oversupply in the knowledge that these herbicides will soon be banned and doesn’t want the expense of toxic waste removal? Did private companies give the state these herbicides to normalize their usage? These questions need to be asked and soon.

Jeff Tittel and the Sierra Club have been regular contributors to The SandPaper on these pages, yet I’ve seen nothing from him or his group on what I consider to be a clear immediate danger. They’ve spent way too much time and political capital on other environmental issues that may or may not have an effect for decades.

As a concerned citizen I am sending copies of this letter to Jeff Tittel as well as to our state representatives, Conners, Rumpf and Gove, in the hope that this weed-killing Armageddon will cease and maybe get an answer as to its untimely and unwarranted mega-usage.

James Spickard

Little Egg Harbor

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