Help Appreciated

Jul 24, 2019

To the Editor:

After ushering at the Thursday, July 18 matinee of an exceptional performance of “Mama Mia,” there was a massive downpour. Because I had an umbrella, I felt confident in walking the short distance to my car. However, in attempting to cross an already flooded Centre Street, I slipped and fell.

Immediately a young man in a black SUV-type vehicle heading east came to my aid, asking several times if I was sure that I was OK. He helped me up, found my keys in the water and escorted me across the street.

I could tell that he was really concerned, not even thinking of how drenched he was getting. Unfortunately, I never asked his name, if he was visiting or a local, but l hope he realized how grateful I was. God bless him and I hope he finally got to his destination safely.

Elaine Stachowicz


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