Harvey Cedars Pride

Jul 10, 2019

To the Editor:

It was just the luck of the draw that we purchased an “investment property” in Harvey Cedars. After retirement we decided we would move here and have been fortunate enough to have been year-round residents since 1997. We have enjoyed sharing our home and beauty of LBI with our family and friends.

Over the years there have been occasions that have made it clear just how fortunate we all are in Harvey Cedars to have had our leadership and municipal employees. Our mayor, Jon Oldham, has steadfastly put the best interests of our entire community at the forefront of his decisions. He worked diligently to facilitate the replenishment efforts before and after the devastation of Sandy and has continued to be our spokesperson in maintaining the preservation of our beaches and dunes.

During and after Sandy the service of all our borough providers was outstanding – the police, the High Point Volunteer Fire Co., public works and the borough’s office staff led by Daina Dale. Their presence and assistance made it possible for all of us in the community to gradually “pick up the pieces” and move forward. The spirit of our community remains an outstanding memory for me as the borough boys and residents joined together to help with the cleanup when we were allowed back on the Island.

When all the disruption of Sandy made life challenging, Judy Gerkens and others reached out to help and brought us together at events that demonstrated we were a “community,” not just individuals. Judy continues to do so for our many activities.

Mayor Oldham and Commissioners Gerkens and Mike Garofalo supported the effort to reduce the amount of plastic pollution on our Island by passing the borough’s ban on single-use plastic bags. When I spoke with Mike Garofalo, who is also the owner of Harvey Cedars Shellfish Company, he said, “You know I just purchased a large shipment of plastic bags, but I know this ban is the right direction to go and I will support it.”

Diana Stott, Public Works and Clean Communities coordinator, coordinates bay cleanups, provides recycling information and addresses other issues. The commitment of our leaders to protecting our environment and being stewards of our Island helps to ensure generations to follow will enjoy Harvey Cedars as we have.

Robert Burnaford, our police chief, has been present and accessible in many instances. On a personal level, when we evacuated during Sandy he made it possible to have status updates available regarding conditions on LBI. He responded to my late-night call and secured equipment we had inadvertently left outdoors. During severe storms, our police department calls to make sure we are OK, and during one very heavy snowfall, our borough boys helped to clear a path so we could get to medical facilities if necessary.

We have never lived in another community where there is such a level of personal concern and community involvement. As Harvey Cedars approaches its 125th anniversary, we want to thank all of our officials and borough staff for their exceptional commitment and service. We are proud to be residents of Harvey Cedars.

Mary and Bob Wilding

Harvey Cedars

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