Handrail Is for Hands

Jul 31, 2019

To the Editor:

We are on 16th Street in North Beach Haven. The township has placed a handrail that extends from the street up to the bench at the top of the beach – the operative word being “hand.” Every day, there are no less than dozens of bikes attached to the railing, making it impossible for anyone to use the “hand” rail.

There is no sign stating that the railing is for “hands.” Therefore, people use it to secure their bikes.

We need a sign that clearly states the purpose of the railing because there are those of us who need the assistance of the railing to aid us in navigating the hill.

I was told by the township that there have been complaints by residents on other streets who are experiencing the same issue. Surely a sign informing folks not to use the “hand” rail for their bikes should alleviate this problem.

Tess Harnick

North Beach Haven

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