Grounds for Impeachment? Is the Sky Falling?

By TOM MEREDITH | Oct 02, 2019

I have a very wise friend whom I have often turned to for his viewpoint when things seem to be spinning out of control. His military and government service combined with successful leadership of local small companies gives him what I consider a good overall education about the way things work in our country.

Well, I am afraid things have spun out of control in our government. It appears to me the vile hatred of President Trump has made otherwise intelligent, well-educated people elected to public office as part of the leadership of our country behave as if in a middle-school fight for social placement fueled by hormones and selfishness. So today I am turning to you.

I fully understand President Trump’s personality is that of a bully and he can easily breed contempt from those he views as opponents. This nonstop impeachment hunt is doing such obvious damage to the country. The people powering the movement seem to seize on rumor or innuendo to create appearance of a crime, then whip the public into a frenzy until the facts and realities come to light. It all disappears, only to return in a few days with some sort of new accusation.

How can they not see how damning their behaviors and actions are to their very cause? Does no one remember the parable of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”? That is not to mention how embarrassed they could feel about presenting their subpar standards of research, and lack of apparent understanding of how the laws they are charged with protecting and creating work. It is beginning to scream incompetence to lead and govern, to me at least.

The current environment in Washington, D.C., goes so far beyond petty political party wrangling. Combine this with a 24-hour news cycle and the hellish competition between media organizations for corporate profits and shareholder value. The public, who at one time created both of these entities of government for balance and control, is paying the dollars required to remove themselves from any consideration in the equation. Orwellian thinking does not well enough describe the state of affairs that is leading us in a very dark direction.

If we step back and zoom out our study to a more global view, this is not about what President Trump or President Obama have done that we disagree with; this is not about how the three branches of government work and interact with each other. It might just be about individuals with access to enough capital and influence being able to push personal agendas onto the population, who has fallen asleep on the job, and thus enrich themselves and their allies in the name of public interest safety and concern. It might just happen that we wake up one morning and find our system of government has changed and we no longer have a two-party system founded by and for the People.

Debating issues, championing a cause, passion about doing the right thing must continue to be a part of our core system of government. Integrity, character and motivation must be points of the standards we use when selecting people to represent us. Clearly the motivation to get rich and live a lifestyle greater than the majority of the public is too often at the root of a politician’s drive.

Regardless of personal political belief or affiliations, we, the general public, must be more involved personally by taking responsibility to educate ourselves about candidates and issues and then voting. We need to make sure our young people have access to honest information on issues, not just who is offering the most free services and benefits. We need to teach more accurate history without political spin in our schools so we can learn from our mistakes, understand how they happened in order to avoid simply modernizing the mistake.

The people who are chosen to represent us must be willing to represent our point of view, not just their own personal point of view. They need to have the courage to resist the path of least resistance to personal enrichment. These are very tall orders for mere humans and possibly the reason the founding fathers never viewed holding public office to be a professional career, but a period of service.

Like the problem, the answers to our current quagmire of vitriol and finger pointing are complex and far-reaching, but there are answers. I do not believe those answers include the words “ban” or “mandatory.” They do include education (the old-fashioned kind based in fact), higher standards of personal responsibility for everyone, open-mindedness, empathy, and here’s the big one: personal accountability for our actions applied to each citizen fairly.

I hope this viewpoint of mine presents a voice of reason rather than Chicken Little’s view because I have not yet heard back from my friend whom I look to for a voice of reason. As a result, I decided to think it through by myself.

Tom Meredith lives in Little Egg Harbor.






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