Google Chernobyl

Dec 18, 2019

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to last week’s Feedback essay titled “Forecasts Wrong About Warming” by S. Fox. Although I can see where he is trying to come from, his belittling attitude doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

Yes, predictions about climate from the past have failed to come true; ever think because we changed our course of action before they did? Or maybe it’s because like other things in this world, we don’t fully understand it. (And trust me, we don’t fund enough good science to come close to understanding most things.)

Maybe S. Fox should try “Googling” something for a good laugh ­– the health quality of our oceans before we put protections on them, stopping LBI from becoming more of a medical waste dumping ground. Google the restrictions put on solar production, research and advancement in over 30 states since 2010, stopping solar from becoming sustainable. They currently have panels now that are twice as effective but have yet to be put to action.

And lastly, how about S. Fox gets a good laugh Googling how you clean up nuclear waste when you’re all done with it, for his “clean energy” pitch. We’ve never figured it out, or funded the science, too; and then we leave it rotting underground until it leaks into our drinking water. To laugh at how dirty the fishbowl is getting and how it hasn’t killed you yet is pretty dumb when you’re one of the fish! Maybe Googling Chernobyl will help S. Fox.

Rather than mocking the face of caring citizens and people who love the planet we live on (and living off of opinion articles), he should go out and enjoy it. And when he finds he loves it, maybe he’ll Google how to preserve it, rather than talk down to those who care about it.

John O’Hara

Ship Bottom


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