Good for Majority

Jul 03, 2019

To the Editor:

The proposal to construct a restaurant and hotel on the Morrison’s Marina property has caused a great deal of controversy. I think the majority of Beach Haven taxpayers will be well served by the development, and here’s why:

1. A new hotel brings the town back toward its very beginnings. There were four hotels here in the town’s early days. And after that, the two very large hotels were built.

2. The marina operation will continue. Morrison’s Marina is a very important part of our on-the-water town.

3. Winter storage of boats continues.

4. The site becomes no longer a blemish, but an attractive improvement.

5. More people will come to Beach Haven, both over the bridge and on boats (the Little Egg Inlet is now dredged) and they will come over a longer-than-just summertime period. They will eat, shop and do what we all do here in Beach Haven,

6. The developer is a known, quality company, with completed projects in view.

7. And, on the other hand, if not the hotel/restaurant, what are the alternatives to this development of Morrison’s property? A shopping mall, houses, condominiums, and/or sold boat slips operated as a condominium with limited marina facilities? Any of these projects would put structure on the site, block views and create congestion.

Any development of this property has its problems, and this plan is a very good one for the vast majority of Beach Haven taxpayers, and for visitors to our town. Is there a better idea, one that would not have taxpayers having to pay for the improvements?

Bob Stevens

Beach Haven

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