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Nov 27, 2019

To the Editor:

The Surf City Taxpayer Association board would like to share our perspective and activities related to the upcoming school referendum vote and potential purchase of the E.J. School proposed last week.

First, to clarify our role: As an independent 501 c(4) entity, we are not affiliated with the borough of Surf City. And we are not a member of JCTA (Joint Council of Taxpayers Associations of LBI).

Per our mission statement: “We are a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer group of individuals dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Surf City.” Two of the five “pillars” of that mission are to: 1) facilitate communication between taxpayers and town officials, and 2) work to ensure our tax dollars are spent wisely.

Our position as a board is not to take a side on any candidate or vote. Rather it is to provide information that can help members make their own decision.

This stems from a long-held principle that we should represent the interests of all our members (versus favoring one group of taxpayers over another). In the case of the education issues on LBI, we recognize the importance and significance of the current situation. We acknowledge that we have members on all sides of the issues. And we also have homeowners who are registered to vote in locations other than Surf City.

We have undertaken four specific activities to keep our members informed:

1. We encouraged our members to attend the public town hall session held on Nov. 13 in Surf City by the board of education. We had a board representative attend, as we do all monthly borough council meetings.

2. We have a one-page information sheet on our website (surfcitytaxpayer.com) that provides pertinent facts about the current referendum and the Surf City offer to purchase the E.J. School. The special web page also provides links to outside sources of information for those who wish to dig deeper. It will be updated as new information becomes available.

3. We are offering our members the opportunity to ask questions of our elected officials, via email to surfcityta@gmail.com. For questions received by Dec. 1, we will forward them to Mayor Hodgson and school board representatives Kristy Raber and John McMenamin. If and when they provide answers to those questions, we’ll provide them via our website and email.

4. We encourage and remind all members who vote in Surf City to cast a ballot on Dec. 10.

Finally, thank you to The SandPaper for providing a forum to our organization and all the others that wish to share their perspectives on these important issues.

Bob Lieber, board vice president

Surf City Taxpayer Association


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