Gas Gouging

Jun 26, 2019

To the Editor:

Can someone, anyone explain why gasoline prices on Routes 72 and 9 in Stafford and vicinity are so high in comparison to the rest of South Jersey?

I work in Brick and drive through Toms River every day. Just last week I saw a station selling regular for $2.59 (cash) on Route 37. The lowest price I saw on Route 72 was $2.83 at the Wawa.

How is this allowed? What, do we have some special, supersonic blend of gas that is worth so much more than everywhere else? Or is it just that greed is king, especially on Sundays when magically the price rises a penny or two just when the tourists – the lifeblood of our area's economy – are heading home after a weekend on LBI or the mainland resort areas?

This is ridiculous! The good people of Stafford and LBI are being gouged.

Joseph Triolo Jr.

Ship Bottom

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