Fresh Face

Oct 02, 2019

To the Editor:

We are at a pivotal point in the education of our children in the Long Beach Island Consolidated School District, and how we vote could change the course of education on our Island.

Having come from this system, I know how impactful it can be. Students educated here tend to soar. I can name countless successful small business owners, teachers, doctors, etc. who were my peers some 30 years ago. Don’t we want to continue the legacy of success? If we keep putting development and greed before our children, we will miss out on an opportunity to properly educate the next generation of islanders.

Public faith is at an all-time low. Let’s turn that around. Let’s go back to making the school(s) the center of our community. One way to do that is to “clean house” and vote out board members who don’t have the best interest of the students as their primary objective.

I received Bonnie Picaro’s postcard in the mail for her re-election campaign. I was taken aback to see that she suggests we “attract more tuition-based students to our district” as an income generator. As a reminder, we participate in the Interdistrict Public School Choice Program. “A choice district shall not be eligible to enroll students on a tuition basis pursuant to N.J.S.18A:38-3 while participating in the interdistrict public school choice program.” We aren’t allowed to have tuition-based students and participate in Choice. This is the kind of antiquated thinking we need to move away from.

Thank you for your long service, Bonnie; however, I think it’s time to move on.

In deciding on whom I would support, I reached out to Brielle Hoffacker, as I saw she was running. Within moments of speaking with her I knew she needed to be on the board. She is a forward thinker who will actually listen to what the public wants. She has 10-plus years of business management experience, and she has a “can do” attitude. She will roll up her sleeves, listen to the public, call upon the teachers and community for input, and put our kids first. She does not have any development, real estate or political ties.

Please, when you go to the polls, remember the children of our Island. Township voters, please vote for Hoffacker for the fresh face we need.

Danielle Hagler

Brant Beach



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