Fraudulent Science

Mar 27, 2019

To the Editor:

April is coming soon and with it another happy Earth Day. Humans have been at war with the environment since the beginning of our existence. Fortunately, God has endowed and empowered us with brains capable of reasoning to overcome obstacles nature puts in our path. Our success and very survival depend on this ability.

From the invention of clothing to shield us from the elements, to taming fire, and harnessing water, to advanced agriculture and engineering, in all fields of science we have overcome or recovered from forces of nature constantly thrown at us. All over the globe civilizations were able to build and thrive until a greater civilization would take its place or in some cases nature won out and the survivors would start anew.

With all the uncontrollable factors involved including celestial and geological events, it is obvious to climate realists that control of the climate is far from our mortal powers to master. It is also obvious that suggesting such control is a sinister tool to undo sovereignty of cultures, nations and their inhabitants to better their own environments.

Historical weather and climate data has been altered so badly to fit past and present narratives that a true base from which to proceed no longer exists. Virtually every computer model predicting future climate events has been wrong for the past 50 years, and yet the globalists keep coming back with more for the indoctrinated to fear.

With individual freedom to advance the sciences, mankind can cope with natural climate change. The green theology of Al Gore, Alexandria Ocasio-Cotez and the rest of their globalist ilk has been exposed as fraudulent science. The Paris accord is a blatant wealth redistribution pit. Checking Gore’s outrageous “carbon footprint” and then following the money trail leads to a real inconvenient truth.

James M. Spickard

Little Egg Harbor

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