Flag on Beach Goes Up in Time for Holiday Weekend

By ERIC ENGLUND | Jun 05, 2019
Supplied Photo

Beach Haven — While walking on a Beach Haven beach two weeks ago, Andy Duffy saw something that wasn’t quite right.

Along the shoreline off Berkeley Avenue sits a piling. Duffy noted that for years, the piling had an American flag on top.

“But this year there wasn’t any flag,” he said. “There is a small pole at the top where a flag could be fastened. I waited for a few days because with Memorial Day weekend coming, I wanted to see a flag there. But by the time the weekend started and still there was no flag, I felt it was time to take matters into my hands.”

At his Beach Haven home, Duffy had a 3- by 5-foot American flag. So he and his good friend Chris Paulino, along with his son Luke Duffy, put it up themselves.

“I had to get a ladder because that piling is about 10 feet high,” he said. “It was also fortunate it was low tide, because part of the piling gets submerged during high tide.”

The flag remains flying, and Duffy expects it to be there all through the summer.

“I feel it’s a nice patriotic gesture,” he said. “It’s weird how that piling has just stood alone for a long time. It looks much better with the flag.”  —E.E.


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