Fair and Balanced

Jan 08, 2020

To the Editor:

The Democratic Party is united and poised for a win in the 2nd Congressional District in November 2020. We did it in 2018 because voters realized the urgency of taking back the House. It has certainly proved to be of the utmost importance in maintaining our democratic ideals, which are to uphold the Constitution – the rule of law.

While we were upset over Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s vote on inquiry and impeachment, we are thrilled to know the Republican Party can deal with him now. What we insist on is a fair and balanced process to elect the next party nominee. We have and expect more great candidates.

That said, the 2nd District is historically a red district. Every vote in the far corners of this wide and meandering district will count. We need to feel certain about the nominee to inspire and motivate Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans to vote for our candidate.

Early endorsements of candidates are divisive and run counter to getting that broad support. We are calling for a vigorous competition among candidates and one open convention of all the counties in District 2 by February 2020.

Bob Stern

Ocean County Democratic Committee



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