Fabulous Fakes Show at Pine Shores Art Association

By Pat Johnson | Oct 02, 2019
Artwork by: Linda Reddington ‘Whistler's Mother Leeds’ by Linda Reddington.

Manahawkin — For some it’s a chance to test their skills against the masters. For others, it’s a chance to spoof some of the world’s greatest artworks. The Pine Shore Art Association’s Fabulous Fakes Show is again filling the gallery at 74 Stafford Ave. in Manahawkin.

Some of the works are truly amazing copies of paintings we all know and love, but it’s the spoofs that get the most attention.

The painting known as “Whistler’s Mother,” actually titled by James McNeill Whistler as “Arrangement in Gray and Black,” takes on a sinister air as a shadow in the shape of the Jersey devil was added by artist Linda Reddington. Picasso’s “Seated Woman,” on the other hand, is made more comfy by the addition of a cat, albeit a cubist one, to her lap. Artist Lois Mullen also took inspiration from DaVinci's Mona Lisa.

And artist Jackson Pollock would be astounded to learn that action or drip painting can result in a portrait of Homer Simpson – like the old adage that a hundred monkeys typing for a hundred years would create a Hemingway novel. Artist Paul Daukas painted “Homer Simpson's Garden.”

The artists who took the exercise seriously turned out many a pleasant copy of their favorite painter. What pastel artist wouldn’t love to paint Edgar Degas’ “The Blue Dancers” with such aplomb? Artist Jean Lightcap did.

A reception for the Fabulous Fakes Show will be held Monday, Oct. 7, at 6:30 at the Pine Shores gallery with a meeting to follow. PSAA members will vote for their three favorites, which will receive the Artists Choice awards. —P.J.

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