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Extraordinary Finds at Coastal Threads

By SANDRA WEYANT | Jul 31, 2019

Ship Bottom — Each shop on Long Beach Island has its own way of standing out from the rest. Coastal Threads, owned by Danielle and Brian Preiser, is a men’s and women’s boutique in Ship Bottom that offers affordable and unique clothing, and home décor that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Danielle developed a love for both the fashion and surfing industries when she was in high school. She worked at Farias Surf and Sport shop on the Island for seven years, which prompted her to take fashion merchandising classes in college. In addition to merchandising, she became fascinated with the business aspect of the store, and decided to follow her dream of opening her own boutique.

“I used to do vendor shows in college to make extra money, and I started off with just jewelry, and it was all handmade stuff. I made candles, jewelry, scarves, hats, and then it slowly just started to get bigger,” she said.

Coastal Threads first set up shop in Smithville three years ago, but when the perfect place finally became available on Long Beach Island, the couple had to take it. With plenty of novelty and souvenir stores on the Island, Coastal Threads didn’t want to be known as just another T-shirt shop. The eclectic, boho-surfer boutique features merchandise for men and women of all ages and sizes, plus handcrafted accessories and home décor.

“I think what sets us apart is that our price points aren’t your typical vacation-town prices. Our stuff is affordable, but it’s not cheap. It’s good quality,” Brian said. “Even though it is inexpensive, it feels like a premium fabric.”

“The goal is to find the current trends at affordable prices for everyone, so that people can come in and get a whole outfit for under $50,” Danielle said. “I just wanted a shop that everyone feels welcome to come to and they don’t have to break their bank to buy a couple of things. I always want to make people feel comfortable in their own skin.”

Danielle takes inspiration from stores like Free People, but finds “hidden gem” brands with a much more accommodating price tag. She carries merchandise from several companies that she discovered on Instagram. Rise Up Clothing, a surf, skate and snowboarding apparel brand, is one of the brands Danielle incorporated into her store because of its unique cork baseball caps.

“I try to have a variety of items, and I like to support other local companies. It all goes back to my love of handmade things and creativity,” Danielle said.

As a crafty person by nature, Danielle specializes in making custom wood burnings, home décor and soy candles. The store currently features more than 60 different candle scents.

“Younger people always want that unique thing that they can bring back from their vacation, and they’ll definitely find it here. We put our own personal touch on everything we do,” Brian said.

By day, Brian is a youth pastor in Barnegat, but his favorite role is being the supportive husband for Danielle. With his background in graphic design, he creates advertisements and other marketing materials for the store. In fact, the whole family is invested in making Coastal Threads an approachable and beautiful place to shop.

The exterior of the boutique is just as impressive as its interior, thanks to the help of Danielle’s artsy sister Jeanie. After a long debate with the town, their plans to paint a mural on the outside of the building were approved. Everyone loves a good photo opportunity, whether they’re shopping or simply passing by on the street. Jeanie hand-painted large feathered wings for people to stop and pose for a picture.

As locals, Danielle and Brian want to serve their community by providing quality goods, but also by making the Island even prettier with gorgeous art, something more prominent, meaningful and interactive than a typical billboard.

“When I was in college, I also minored in art and business, so it’s very important to me to have all of those aspects. The store needed something fresh, bright and approachable,” Danielle said. “I always wanted to see more art around LBI. You don’t always get to see that creative aspect around here because people don’t like it because they think it looks like graffiti, but it’s not at all.”

Danielle hopes the mural will bring more creativity to the Island and inspire other stores to do the same thing. So far, a few other boutiques have added murals or changed their signage, and these little changes make a world of difference.

Shop a wide assortment of clothing, accessories and home goods in-store or online at While you’re at it, stop and snap a pic in front of the wings and tag @coastalthreadsnj on Instagram!

— Sandra Weyant

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